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Are you a student seeking to discover your true calling? A tertiary institution striving to enhance student success? Or a funder/bursary provider committed to supporting students’ aspirations?

Did you know?

60% of students drop out of university in their first year of studies.

Many students struggle to make informed decisions about their future studies and careers. They may lack clarity about their strengths, interests, and values, leading to uncertainty and potentially poor decisions. This can result in dissatisfaction with their chosen path and difficulty achieving their goals, and ultimately dropping out.

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FundiMatch, a careers platform powered by groundbreaking psychometric assessments, is designed to empower individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential. Through a series of engaging questions, we delve into the unique traits, interests, and values of each user, providing personalized insights and guidance that illuminate the path to success.

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FundiMatch is for anyone who wants to unlock their potential and achieve their goals.







Regardless of your role in the education and funding landscape, FundiMatch is an invaluable tool for unlocking potential and achieving success. Our platform provides the clarity and guidance needed to make informed decisions that shape the future of individuals, institutions, and communities.


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